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Established in 1983, ILDC (formerly Indian Lake Development Corporation) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to partner with the Indian Lake State Park manager on projects to improve Indian Lake State Park.


Volunteers manage the organization and assist in fundraising projects that benefit Indian Lake State Park visitors and the Indian Lake area community.


ILDC hosts ILDC Day!, a day of Recreation, Entertainment, Discussion, Good food, and Exchange of ideas (formerly referred to as DREDGE event) picnic each September (CANCELLED for 2020). ILDC Day! allows our community leaders to interact with legislatures and state and local officials on an informal basis. ILDC uses ILDC Day! to showcase past accomplishments, explain current projects, and discuss what the needs are looking into the future. ILDC Day! and the ILDC partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has resulted, in no small part, in the development of Old Field Beach, the bike path, modern restroom facilities, parkland acquisitions, and purchases of dredging equipment, shoreline protection, and the formation of the Indian Lake Watershed Project. 


In 1983, Indian Lake State Park manager Dave Helgeson formed a state park advisory council comprised of community leaders. Indian Lake State Park had received very little capital funding for many years. It was time to begin work on its master plan and draw attention to the need for additional dredging. The purpose of the advisory council was to assist the park manager in informing the community and state and local officials of our needs. The advisory council soon became the Indian Lake Development Corporation, based loosely on a similar group at Grand Lake St. Marys. Although initially, the main focus was on the development of facilities, the term Indian Lake Development Corporation was soon dropped for the acronym ILDC because ILDC was not strictly a “development” corporation. ILDC is also interested in preserving our natural areas and enhancing fishing, hunting, and nature viewing opportunities. ILDC and the Indian Lake Watershed Project (ILWP) have become models for other state parks for successful partnerships.


ILDC is not an organization that looks for government to fund its projects. Through its major fundraising event, the annual Fall Arts and Crafts Festival, and membership fees, ILDC has purchased picnic tables, park benches, playground equipment, law enforcement supplies, and much more. A multi-purpose building that can be rented by the public constructed in the campground was partially funded by ILDC. On June 10th, 2017, the dog park was dedicated at Old Field Beach, again compliments of ILDC. Our current projects include the installation of two shade structures at the beach in late 2018 and raising funds for a playground at Fox Island Beach.

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